Upper Hutt Parents Centre Baby and You Programme

This 3-week programmefocuses on helping you adjust to the change in lifestyle and the many new demands of parenthood. Each 2-hour session is held from 10am –12pmIn your newborn, you have a very special little individual who will grow and develop with your care and guidance. Contributing to the growth and development of your child can be hugely rewarding. There can be some challenging times too, as you navigate unchartered waters.Many parentsfind the information and support in the ‘Baby andYou’ programme extremely helpful in managing these changes, and making the most of the rewards, that a new baby brings.Parents Centre believe strongly in the strength of the support networks in getting through those early months. Firmfriendships are often formed between course participants, through shared experiences and understandings.

The Programme covers:

  • Feeding & Sleeping
  • Settling Baby
  • Lifestyle changes and looking after yourself
  • Social, emotional and physical development


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